I was looking at my small collection of helmets, and have to admit that my inexpensive HJC modular helmet is every bit as comfortable and good as my Shoei modular, at about 1/3rd the price originally. I have a textile jacket that I bought at a motorcycle show years ago that cost me $80 and seems just as well made and comfortable and armored as a First Gear jacket I bought even more years ago for $400. What brought this all to my mind was thinking about getting a new jacket or riding suit, and seeing a Klim jacket for almost $1,000 and Aerostich suits for about $1,400 and wondering if they really could possibly be worth that price compared to no-name stuff at a fraction of the price but seemingly very similar in design. And I have had motorcycle gloves that I bought at swap meets or shows with unknown brand names that have held up as well or better than name brand ones that cost me twice or more as much.

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